LullaByKate cradles

let your baby — and you, sleep tight

We handcraft traditional fine wood baby cradles

with a unique vertical swing.

We know how you feel while expecting a child

The beautiful and unforgettable time of waiting for a baby — we’re sure you’re enjoying it.
We have gone through it, too.






You love each other — and love waiting for the moment when you’ll meet the child for the first time, the moment you’ll give all your tenderness and care. As the nine months fly by, you ask yourself: “Do I know a lullaby?”..


Since ancient times, a mother’s soothing voice has been a pleasant sleep aid for babies in the cradle.

The rhythm of a lullaby always had a characteristic swinging or rocking motion — regardless of the language. This mimicked the movement a baby experiences in the womb as the mother moves.

Ancient baby cradles

Ancient baby cradle images credit: The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia

The same way a lullaby mimics the baby’s movement in a mother’s tummy, a cradle should replicate the vertical motion — to “remind” the child about the environment he or she is used to, and relieve stress.

Ancient Latvians knew how to make a baby sleep tight and stay calm and healthy. No wonder the ancient cradle song Aija, Žūžū is named among the best “Lullabies of the World”.

Latvians have deep traditions of baby cradles and lullabies.
  • We know what it means to nurse a newborn.
    We can help.

    Mārcis and Aiga Zommers, LullaByKate founders
  • While expecting our daughter and first child — Kate, we studied the process of waiting and harmonic delivery.

    Mārcis and Aiga Zommers, LullaByKate founders
  • The perfect cradle we envisioned: organic and eco-friendly, with traditional vertical motion.

    Mārcis and Aiga Zommers, LullaByKate founders
  • We could not find a suitable cradle for Kate.
    So we decided to make our own.

    Mārcis and Aiga Zommers, LullaByKate founders
LullaByKate family


LullaByKate baby cradle is hand-made in Latvia from fine-wood eco materials with an organic design and unique vertical swing that lets your baby — and you, sleep tight.

LullaByKate cradle vertical swing

Wooden spring

The unique wooden spring that replicates the vertical motion a child experiences in the mother’s womb.

LullaByKate cradle main view

The cradle

Our cradle is produced from natural spruce wood materials grown in pristine Latvian forests.

LullaByKate cradle inside

Fern leaf mattress

The mattress is filled with hand-picked dried fern leaves that are hypoallergenic and offer protection from dust mites.

LullaByKate cradle handmade

Sisal rope

The cradle is weight-tested and secured by sisal rope with an adjustable height.


Want to know about the design of LullaByKate cradle in detail?

We have compiled a thorough description for your convenience.

We strive to bring you


We strive to bring you


We handcraft individually for you. Personal approach defines our working style and relationships with our customers. Each LullaByKate cradle is tailored with love and warmth of our heart. Your child is unique and one of a kind in this world, thus — deserves the best there is.

Vertical swing
Our cradle has a unique vertical motion that reminds your baby the natural feeling of being in the mother’s womb.
Personal approach
We handcraft each cradle individually and guarantee a personal approach with friendly communication.
Hand-made product
100% carefully handcrafted product with great attention to detail that will serve multiple generations.
Eco design
Our cradles are proudly made from home-grown natural materials that are organic and eco-friendly.
Crafted in Latvia
The European Capital of Culture 2014 is home to our inspiration and the site of our production.
Worldwide shipping
We safely pack the product for you and deliver to any part of the world.


See what benefits you get when purchasing LullaByKate.

Not to mention your child will love you for this.

It is definitely a win-win: your baby sleeps tight, you get more rest and friends acceptance (they will be intrigued).

Moreover — you get an organic product of outstanding quality that you can use for generations.

Less stress and more health for the baby

Our special cradle will help your baby to get used to the new environment and adapt to the world he or she has arrived in. We have created the design of our cradle in a way that your child would feel just like being in the mother’s womb. It helps to reduce baby’s stress, while allowing the parents to be more calm as well.


Use of natural materials reduces the risk of allergies for the baby. The mattress is filled with fern leaves hand-picked in the summer sun, hence, no allergy causing dust mites will inhabit in your mattress

Well rested parents

You don’t have to get up each time the baby cries at night. Thanks to the natural vertical dynamics of the cradle, you can help the little one fall asleep again by swinging the cradle up and down without getting out of the bed.

Social acceptance and admiration

Your family and friends will be sure to notice and appreciate your matured sense of taste, thanks to the modern organic design and the hand-made product.

Valuable investment

We craft our cradles so they serve for generations to come, with hope that you’ll keep them as family heritage.


While you’re waiting, the cradle is in the making

It takes us about a month to produce a LullaByKate cradle for you. Please also account for the shipping time. We ship from Latvia, European Union.


Fine wood baby cradle with a vertical swing
Your LullaByKate cradle will be carefully and securely packaged before shipping worldwide. Shipping rates may vary.

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