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We have paid great attention to detail while designing the LullaByKate cradle — because we feel your baby deserves the very best.

LullaByKate cradle full view
The cradle: full view

The cradle consists of a wooden spring, which is fastened to bedroom’s ceiling and provides the vertical motion.

The wooden spring is connected to the cradle with safe sisal rope which height can be adjusted.

The cradle itself is produced from Latvian spruce wood and preserves our ancestors’ heritage while making it more modern.

Another part of the cradle is a hypoallergenic fern leaf mattress.

Explore each of the cradle’s details below.

LullaByKate cradle vertical swing
Wooden spring

The most distinguishing feature of our cradle is its wooden spring which provides the vertical movement of the cradle in a natural way. The spring is made from young birch tree trunks that grow in free nature on Latvian land. We do everything by hand and with love: sawing, peeling and drying.

We only utilize natural methods for the desiccation, contributing to saving energy resources. When the material has dried, it is then processed per our customer’s wish, specially for your baby. For the safety of your baby, the parts of the spring are tied together with a steel wire and a decorative linen string.

LullaByKate cradle main view
The cradle

The cradle is produced from natural spruce wood grown in pristine Latvian forests. To reduce the risk of allergies after preparing the necessary form, the cradle is lacquered with water-based varnish, made for kid’s toys finishing.

The cradles design preserves our ancestors’ heritage while making it more modern so it can fit not just an old-fashioned interior, but also in a contemporary, modern home.

LullaByKate cradle inside
Fern leaf mattress

The mattress is a very integral part of our cradle. It is produced with great care with attention to every minor detail. The mattress is filled with hand-picked dried fern leaves grown on fertile Latvian soil. The fern is chosen based on ancient advice left by our ancestors. Fern leaves are warm, hypoallergenic and offer protection from dust mites.

The leaves are picked in mid summer when they are full of the sun’s energy and the force of the land. Furthermore, the precious fern leaves are stuffed in a cover made from eco linen fabric. It is hand-sewn and made in a way such that the filling is removable and the cover is hand washable to prolong its longevity.

LullaByKate cradle handmade
Sisal rope

The cradle is weight-tested and secured by sisal rope with an adjustable height.


We are committed to bring you the best.

See our promise and your benefits of purchasing the LullaByKate baby cradle.

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